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Coasting Jungle Safari

Take after our aides profound into the rich wilderness vegetation and investigate the astonishing natural life of this region. After this investigation, we touch base to 3 zip lines over the wilderness, where you will …

Mayan Explorer Safari

Mayan Explorer Safari

This is a full day Safari for people that love nature, Mayan culture and sustainable tourism. We take you to a Mayan village where you will walk through the jungle until we reach the opening …

Mexico Tour Experience

Respect the greatest, friendliest animal of the oceans! An uncommon event to swim in the organization of this delicate goliath suspended in the turquoise, warm waters of the Mexican Gulf. We invite you to our prestigious Whale Shark Safari!

Hit the dance floor with me

Visit Puerto Vallarta spring break on entire day journey, you will be in the organization of master guides who talk your local dialect and will lead you through this remarkable enterprise. The atmosphere is agreeable and loose; so don’t hesitate to ask your guide any inquiries or solicitations you have. Our point is to lead you to the revelation of Nature’s most prized treasures.

The group will take you swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the place the 40 foot long delightful animal respites. As you swim with them you will detect a unique affectability with shark whales: they appear to acknowledge the nearness of people. You will respect this animal in the entirety of its excellence, power, and heavenliness; it is striking, basically enormous. An outstanding chance to watch this immense, easygoing fish as it bolsters on microscopic fish, moving in this quiet unblemished condition.

The occasion of a lifetime

The visit is a moving knowledge, giving a feeling of opportunity, power, and immortality. This is the thing that Nature brings to the table to the individuals who go along with us and completely welcome the significance of phenomenal and remarkable experiences… and we will lead you there!

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